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Write Me Up is a  writing collaboration between Plymouth State University students and middle school students created by Campton Public Librarian Tara McKenzie.  This year Dr. Meg Peterson's English Education students came to work with middle school students as part of the National Writing Project in New Hampshire.  Together, they wrote unique comic strips, modern fairy tale monologues, and stories.  Here are the edited final results.  Scroll down to see all.

To connect to the National Writing Project of New Hampshire, go to www.plymouth.edu/outreach/nwpnh

Comic Strips:

Student Writing:

By Callista MacDonald

     Look at my hair, the color of gold, and smooth as silk....  My eyes are like crystal pools of blue, and I have the tiniest, daintiest feet in the entire kindgdom.  Ahh... it's hard being this perfect.
     People get so jealous sometimes, like my step-sisters, for example.  Usually, I say anyone can be beautiful with a make-over, but these two, I don't even think I can help them and I majored in cosmetics in college (pretty and smart).  Not that they would even let me try, they hate me!  Why can't they understand that some people are just gorgeous?  They make me clean up, and call me Cinder-Ella, because I get covered in ashes when I sweep the chimney, but even I can make that look good.  Once they finally realized that I always look amazing, they decided to make up rumors about me:  They said that I talk to mice.  Mice! Can you believe it?  Mice are so gross!
     Anyway, I'm also serious competition for them, so when a messenger from the palace with an invite to the ball came to the door, they locked me in the closet - and this after I spent so much money on a dress!  (By the way, even after I married the prince - come on, you knew it was going to happen- they told everyone that the mice made my dress!)  I picked the lock with a bobby pin I always keep in my pocket.  I went to the ball.  The second I walked through the door, I took the prince's breath away (obviously!) and we got married.  Anything you heard other than that is a rumor.  No fairy godmother, no talking to mice... They just wanted to make it look like I didn't do anything.  I am just naturally beautiful and have great taste in clothes.  I just thought you should know.


By Meghan Jerome

     Yeah, so I did have a stupid straw house.  SO WHAT?  And yeah, it wasn't that strong!!!  But hey, I'm just a pig,  get over it!!!  But here's my story:  When me and my two brothers were young, my mom kicked us out.... She wasn't very nice.  I mean seriously, all she did was sit around and eat.  She watched TV and the most exciting thing she did was sleep.  (That's a little thing I call sarcasm)  So, I was really glad to leave.  But, here's the thing all the story books say:  I built my house quickly, but I DIDN"T!  I'm just not very smart, creative, constructive or anything else you can think of that involves using my brain.  So when a big, mean wolf came and blew on my house, it fell down... and that was not on my insurance plan.  Then I ran, ran, ran as fast as I could.  I went to my biggest brother's house and you know what?  You don't need to know the rest!  That's MY life.

By Meghan Jerome

     (7:00 a.m.)  Really?  Who wakes up this early in the morning?  Hey, what's that sound?  Who is outside?  OK, I'm still really tired, but do I see a wolf?  Uh-Oh... why is my house falling?  Oh No. 
     (7:20 a.m.) I am running as fast as I can just to save my little bacon!  Got to go!  


By Mikala Ash

     I know there are a lot of stories about me but I am the only one that's got the TRUE story. 
     There was once a terrible old lady.  She put me in the very hot oven.  What was she thinking, trying to burn me, then eat me?  So when I was done in that terrible sauna, I jumped out and ran and ran!  I yelled to the old lady "You can't catch me, I'm the Gingerbread man!"  Later, I saw a fox that was going across the river, so I jumped on his back.  He told me he was going deeper and I had to go on his head, so I did.  Then we were going deeper so I had to jump on his nose.  Then, that awful fox ate me!  Yes, that's what I said, He ATE me!  I hate him!


By Mikala Ash, Anna Switaj, & Ally Brown,

Football Player (FB)
Pizza Guy (PG)
Librarian (L)
Birthday Party Clown (Clown)

Scene opens with Librarian at her desk.  Derek is on the phone.

Derek:  Hello Pizza Guy?
PG:  Hello, how can I help you today?
Derek:  Can I have a large sardine pizza?
PG: Ok, Sure!
L turns around
L: NO Cell phones in Detention!

L takes phone and mumbles

Derek:  Whatever!

PG enters

PG: Here's your pizza!
L:  We didn't order any pizza!
Derek:  NO - I did, and I also ordered this guy:

Derek points to the clown,    Clown jumps in

Clown:  Hey, who ordered the clown?



By Barbara McKenzie

     Running for my life and running for exercise are two very different things.  Especially when I'm running through a jungle.  As I burst through bushes, birds and monkeys disperse, as though I interrupted an important meeting with the forest animals.  I can feel my body weight being forced on my ankles.  The simplicity of gravity versus the complex human body. I can feel my strength dropping as I make a quick turn to lose my chaser.  I get a glimpse of him as he realizes that I've turned.  He starts up again, his tail whipping behind mine.  I can't see anything through the wide green leaves of the tropical trees.  I've got no clue where I am or where I'm going.  On a normal day, this would be good, relaxing thing but things have changed.  Things are too complicated now.  That's the whole reason I came out here; to escape.  However, this isn't some vacation anymore.  It's a race for my life.  
     My pack is weighing me down.  The exhaustion is setting in and I have to remind myself why I have the extra wight on my back.  I can tell I'm close now.  The bushes are getting smaller, the animals quieter.  I work out in my mind what to do once I'm out.  Get to an open space and my pursuer wouldn't dare blow his cover like that.  As I'm running I hear a squish.  My heart stops.  I realize why the bushes have disappeared.  They've been replace with knee deep mud-filled swamp.  There has to be a way out, there always is.  I hear a familiar noise.  I turn and see those soulless yellow eyes in the darkness.  I had run so far I hadn't noticed the time.  
     I had to figure something out, I had worked too hard, learned too much.  I felt a small stroke from behind... too thick to be my lengthy pony tail (dyed so many different colors to please others).  I quickly turn and see my exit:  The vines!  Why hadn't I thought of it before?  I climb, knowing I can't be caught when it comes to upper body strength.  I swing across the swamp with ease.  Beating my personal record, I jump down and keep running.  I had regained some strength.  No question, I would escape.  I prepare myself to break into the field in the distance.  I feel a slight breeze behind me.  I break protocol and keep going. I have broken rules before so I didn't think much of it.  
     I broke through the trees feeling freer than ever.  This was short-lived.  As I looked to my side, I saw my worst fear ever.  There, just beyond the horizon, with the sun coming up behind him, I see the eight foot long mountain lion I have been trying so hard to avoid.  It becomes a life or death stare down.  I know the gleam of his metallic insides, showing from the cuts he gained while facing me, may be the last thing I ever see...


By Meg Bolan

     You want to know the story of Jack and the Beanstalk?  Well, we have to get something straight:  Giants have a bad reputation.  First, it was with "The Lord of the Rings", then came "Harry Potter", and it just went downhill from there.  However, the whole incident with Jack was just the cherry on top!
     I was up in my sweet castle crib when I felt a slight disturbance.  I live on a sweet cloud with a pretty sick castle on top.  I was up on my throne when I called my magic harp to come and play.  I was so calm and relaxed.  I went into a deep sleep.  When I finally awoke, I noticed a strange silence.  Wait a minute, Silence?  My harp!  It cost me a whole bag of gold!  But, being the calm, cool and collected  giant I am, I just let it slide.  To walk it off, I went to see my goose that lays golden eggs.  It's one of my most prized possessions.  I turn around to get some food for it.  When I turn back, goosey is gone!  Vanished into thin air!  I was mad, but not outraged.  I just let it slide... again.    Now, I was hungry.  I said, I could really use some bread.  I did NOT say "Fe, Fi, Fo, Fum, I'll use your bones for bread!"  Jeez, those crazy papparazzi!  When I was walking back to my throne, I saw movement.  
     Wait, ah, is that a boy?  JACK!  UGH!  That sneaky thief!  However, before I could come and ask him what's happening, he ran away!  Talk about rude!  Then Jack went and spread rumours.  He is like a spoiled 16-year-old girl.  He just needs drama in his life.  Well, a 16-year-old girl with a magic harp and a goose that lays golden eggs at least.  

THE GIANT (At 10:00 pm)
By Meg Bolan

     So you know after the whole Jack drama, I needed to let loose.  So I called all my servants to a dance party.  I even invited Jack, but being the drama queen he is, he refused saying I "attacked" him or "tried to eat him"  Whatever.   
     It's 10:00 pm and I am ready to PARTY!  We danced until our feet hurt.  The gingerbread man's leg fell off, the wolf went on a rampage at the dessert bar, and Cinderella had a seven-way tango with the mice.  Next thing I knew a bowl of "special" porridge was being passed around. 
      I awake the next morning... My first thought?  Aww man, what....?


By Anna Switaj

     Goldilocks after all, has got it all correct.  But why did she have to use all of MY things?  Me and my family (My mom, my dad and me) went out to the park.  Then she came into our house!  First she tried papa bear's porridge, "it was too hot," blah, blah, blah.  Then she goes and tries Mama bear's porridge, "it's too cold."  Then she tries mine, and of course, mine is the one that is "JUST RIGHT".
     Next is the living room and she tries Papa's big chair, it's too hard!  Mama's chair is too soft.  I mean, this is just my opinion but I personally love soft chairs.  Anyway, back to the story.  Then she comes to my chair; of course, once again, it's the perfect one!
     After that, she gets tired....   She tries Papa's bed and it's too hard, Mama's is too soft, and MINE IS JUST RIGHT!  Now I have girl germs in MY bed - ewww. (Don't worry, I got a new bed).  She saw us when we got back from the park, and she ran away, just like a girl!
     Well, we invited Goldilocks back to our house at 8:00 pm.  We found out the reason she used our food and beds was because she was homeless!  She became so nice to us over the years that we let her stay with us sometimes but man is she noisy!  We just can't hibernate with her here!


By Ellie Miller

     You've all heard of the beautiful girl with the long hair trapped in the tower.  Well, that isn't true.  Not true at all.  I didn't stay trapped for long.  It started when I was living in that tower similar to the one in that other story written about me.  However, I escaped.  
     One day, this guy heard how beautiful I was with the long and luxurious hair, trapped (supposedly) in a tower.  Sooooo, this guy got it into his dimwitted head to come "rescue" me, then marry me.  When he came, I was actually collecting roots for my soup.  He totally caught me by surprise and took me to his home.  Finally (rolling my eyes) he let me go after I told him the marriage was totally off.  
     I ditched him, and escaped by boat.  Several days later, I beached on an island.  I found a prince there, and we married a week later.  We lived in a treehouse for the rest of our life!  Now, don't you think my real version is much better?  


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