Saturday, April 15, 2017

April is National Poetry Month!
Check out these awesome Book Title Poems by our Creative Writing group!
ten tiny babies survive a flood,
vikings found our choice,
bison be safe around strangers,
cocker spaniels call it courage

In the city of bones,
There lives a Queen of Shadows.
She wears a cruel crown,
one shrouded in plague,
and fear.
A ghost roams the streets,
bringing and ice like fire.
He lives among the blood rose,
and the night shade too.

"Abigail, tell me three things."
"I am half-sick of shadows.
We could be beautiful pictures of perfection.
I've got you under my skin."
"Hold still,
If you feel too much, promise me,
At the edge of the orchard where the lilies bloom,
never let me go."

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