Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Upcoming Events!

Epic Book Sale, Saturday June 18th from 9-12!

Storytime June 4th and 18th at 10:30am

Mondays at 6pm- Adult Coloring

Wednesdays at 6pm- Movie Night!

Save the Date- Friday July 15th at 6pm NH Humanities Council Presents- "Treasure From the Isle of Shoals" with presenter J. Dennis Robinson

Treasure from the Isles of Shoals: 
How New Archaeology is Changing Old History  
There is treasure here but not the pirate kind. Scientific “digs” on Smuttynose Island are changing New England history. Archaeologist Nathan Hamilton has unearthed 300,000 artifacts to date on this largely uninhabited rock at the Isles of Shoals. Evidence proves prehistoric Native Americans hunted New Hampshire’s only offshore islands 6,000 years ago. Hundreds of European fishermen split, salted, and dried valuable Atlantic cod here from the 1620s. “King Haley” ruled a survivalist kingdom here before Thomas Laighton struck tourist gold when his family took over the region’s first hotel on Smuttynose. Laighton’s daughter Celia Thaxter spun poetic tales of ghosts and pirates. J. Dennis Robinson, a longtime Smuttynose steward, explores the truth behind the romantic legends of Gosport Harbor in this colorful show-and-tell presentation. 

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This years theme is "Ready, Set, Read!"

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